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Labour Consultancy Services

Labour Consultancy Services: a focal point for business development

Labour Consultancy

The professional figure of the Labor Consultant plays a strategic role for companies of any size. This figure is often associated with the Accountant, who often deals only with corporate and management aspects, leaving out those related to labour and personnel administration. 

When we refer to labour consultancy activities, we summarily mean a particular type of assistance related to the proper management and administration of relations with subordinate and para-subordinate employees. More in detail, it is an activity that plays a delicate role in managing a whole range of issues that have cross-cutting characteristics.

The support we offer to your business

Our firm is structured by professionals who make up a cross-functional team capable of providing assistance in the different areas of interest that characterize the life of the company. The purpose of the service, in this precise area, is to help clients to best identify the problem and find the best solution. The transversality of our team covers a whole range of activities that are indispensable today for modern companies:

- Consulting on benefits in the field of hiring employees;
- Consulting in the field of employment litigation;
- Office or partial technical counselling in employee lawsuits;
- Specific expertise on union management of labour relations, mediations conciliations and agreements;
- Specific expertise on legislation provided for collective labour agreements;
- Consulting on second-level agreements, productivity and profitability incentive plans;
- Planning and implementation of welfare structures for improving the atmosphere at the firm as a tool for personnel management and administration;

In addition to the activities mentioned above, we have specific expertise in the processing of payslips and the mandatory requirement attached to them. Our team has many years of specific expertise, for which detailed knowledge in legal, tax, regulatory and technical areas are required. An important requirement is also the constant updating and monthly training that our employees undergo, thorough partnerships with nationally recognized publicists and scholars.

Our firm, with forty years of experience in the field, offers highly specialized consulting services to business, ensuring an accurate service.

If you would like to learn more about Labour Consultancy or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee assistance for all your needs and requirements. 

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