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Start-ups and
Innovative SMEs

Establishment, growth support and definition of procedures to become an innovative SME.

Start-ups and Innovative SMEs are businesses that have as their object the implementation of projects characterised by a high content of technological innovation of the product (service and/or process). Articulating the corporate purpose and meeting the necessary regulatory requirements, however, requires a careful and precise analysis to avoid any objections from the Chamber of Commerce or the Ministry of Economic Development.

Innovative start-ups do not always have their own financial means to rely on and require additional capital beyond the availability of their founders.

Management of relations with all counterparties involved in the project is key in order to create a shared financial strategy that is not only focused on the short term.

Studio Sabatino is one of the first consultants in Italy to have set up and assisted innovative Start-Ups, which today have become successful Innovative SMEs, providing project support in the following areas:

  • Support in negotiations with banks, which through the State receive a guarantee of 80% of the loan and drafting of documents for presenting the project to business angels and funds.

  • Support to the funders in managing relations with all counterparties involved in the project.

Familiarity with the specific legislation in this area is crucial in order to apply it in the most effective manner and take full advantage of the benefits and opportunities offered.

Why choose us:

  • Corporate purpose structure in line with the Ministry of Economic Development’s requirements

  • Verification and validation of regulatory requirements in line with the Ministry of Economic Development’s requirements

  • Completion of the process in less than 7 days

Specific services of main interest offered by our Firm include:

  • img vista Taxation consultancy services

    Taxation strategy and planning allow enterprises to optimise their tax burden, a key aspect for their corporate survival and development.

  • img-vista Corporate finance and European funds services

    Our Firm helps enterprises through dedicated corporate finance strategies, aimed at identifying the best investment, financing and cost coverage opportunities. We are able to support the customer in the complex process of preparation for participation in European tenders.

  • img vista audit

    Are you an entrepreneur with a vision, a project or an innovative business idea that you are looking to structure or scale up? Are you a company looking to attract talent and capital to develop new ideas or lucrative business opportunities for your enterprise?

  • img-vista Legal and corporate consultancy services

    Our Firm is able to follow and support customers in all phases of corporate life, starting from the selection of the best corporate model to adopt, to the implementation, verification and evaluation of the entire corporate control system.

  • img-vista Labour consultancy services

    Our Firm provides specialized labour consultancy services, helping customers in identifying the correct contract to apply, with particular attention to the incentives offered by industry regulations.

  • img Administrative and accounting consultancy services

    Our Firm offers outsourced accounting and administrative services, including on the customers’ management systems. The service allows customers to save time and money, enabling them to focus on their business.

  • img-vista Medea Project

    Improving the Corporate Climate to put in place a Circular Economy of Well-Being that enables the various organisational levels to improve their results and achieve the desired success. 

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