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Legal and Corporate Consultancy Services

Our Firm is able to follow and support customers in all phases of corporate life, starting from the selection of the best corporate model to adopt, to the implementation, verification and evaluation of the entire corporate control system.

Our Firm’s professionals offer customers a complete portfolio of services that cover all tax and legal aspects vital to the company, both during the establishment phase, as well as during the management of ordinary and extraordinary activities:

  • Support in the choice of a suitable corporate model;

  • Consulting and assistance in managing relations between partners;

  • Company establishment and drafting of charters, statutes and shareholders’ agreements;

  • Establishment and management of innovative start-ups and SMEs;

  • Drafting of contracts and private agreements;

  • Assistance and consultancy services, both legal and accounting related, during extraordinary transactions such as acquisitions, transfers, transformations, mergers, liquidations, demergers and corporate restructuring;

  • Assistance during negotiations and with transfers of shares and business groups;

  • Business succession and generational change;

  • Expert assessments and appraisals of companies, businesses and assets;

  • Trust;

  • Statutory Auditor and Auditor activities in Joint Stock Companies and Cooperatives;

  • Legal and accounting due diligence;

What is your enterprise type?

  • Micro Enterprises

    Do you want to move from traditional management to an efficient management model, adopting a management control approach that allows you to make strategic decisions?

  • Self-employed professionals

    Do you want to have peace of mind in the overall management of your obligations and benefit form a shared tax planning approach?

  • Start-ups and Innovative SMEs

    Start-ups and Innovative SMEs Do you want to set up or transform your start-up into an Innovative SME?

  • Private individuals

    Do you want to be followed, in a timely and professional manner, by an efficient and competitive firm as far as your tax needs are concerned?

  • Non-profit and amateur sports organisations

    Have you adapted your structure taking into account the reform of the non-profit sector?

  • Flat-rate professionals

    Do you want to be followed, in a timely and professional manner, by an efficient and competitive firm?

  • SMEs

    Do you want to develop Open Innovation projects and an ecosystem of innovators? Are you a company that is looking to create additional value and develop next-generation projects?

  • Small Enterprises

    Do you want to accelerate the optimisation of your organisation and have support for planned growth?

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