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For more than 40 years, we have been helping our customers turn their ideas into successful businesses

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Types of customers

We create unique solutions designed for the specific needs of each customer

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A team of multidisciplinary, experienced and motivated professionals with a practical, hands-on approach

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Continuing education and training to ensure in-depth knowledge of individual regulations and markets

With our industry expertise and through a multi-disciplinary approach, we provide a complete portfolio of tailor-made solutions designed to enable entrepreneurs to optimise and take full advantage of the opportunities available on the market

immagine Administrative and accounting consultancy services

Administrative and Accounting Consultancy Services

Our Firm offers outsourced accounting and administrative services, including on the customers’ management systems. The service allows customers to save time and money, enabling them to focus on their business.

Taxation consultancy services

Taxation Consultancy Services

Taxation strategy and planning allow enterprises to optimise their tax burden, a key aspect for their corporate survival and development.

immagine-vista-homepage Legal and corporate consultancy services

Legal and Corporate Consultancy Services

Our Firm is able to follow and support customers in all phases of corporate life, starting from the selection of the best corporate model to adopt, to the implementation, verification and evaluation of the entire corporate control system.

immagine-vista-homepage Labour consultancy services

Labour Consultancy Services

Our Firm provides specialized labour consultancy services, helping customers in identifying the correct contract to apply, with particular attention to the incentives offered by industry regulations.

Management control and business crisis

Management Control and Corporate Crisis Management

Thanks to the adoption of a targeted management control, calibrated to the specific needs and size of the enterprise, necessary and useful data can be identified to support the right strategic business decisions.

immagine vista audit

Strategic and Innovation Consultancy Services

Are you an entrepreneur with a vision, a project or an innovative business idea that you are looking to structure or scale up? Are you a company looking to attract talent and capital to develop new ideas or lucrative business opportunities for your enterprise?

immagine vista Consultancy for no-profit organizations

Consultancy for No-profit Organizations

Our Firm has been providing professional consultancy and legal, tax and administrative assistance to all NPOs for over a decade, in line with the reform that has transformed the sector.

immagine vista Corporate finance and European funds services

Corporate finance and European Funds Services

Our Firm helps enterprises through dedicated corporate finance strategies, aimed at identifying the best investment, financing and cost coverage opportunities. We are able to support the customer in the complex process of preparation for participation in European tenders.

immagine-vista Consultancy and assistance in submitting paperwork to authorities

Consultancy and Assistance in Submitting Paperwork to Authorities

Our Firm assists customers in managing their day-to-day paperwork with respect to various institutions, from the simplest to the most complex.

mmagine-vista Medea Project

Medea Project

Improving the Corporate Climate to put in place a Circular Economy of Well-Being that enables the various organisational levels to improve their results and achieve the desired success. 

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Having in depth knowledge of your customer’s sector is essential in order to offer them support in a timely and consistent manner based on the specific characteristics of each area. Likewise, it becomes even more important to understand the characteristic challenges associated with the different types of enterprises linked with each sector.

img blocco tipologia di impresa

What is your enterprise type?

  • According to current legislation, a micro enterprise employs fewer than 10 people in its business and has an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total that does not exceed €2 million.
  • Citizens who, for various reasons, may require assistance from a professional in the management of various administrative, legal and tax practices.
  • The flat-rate regime is a special tax regime for individual VAT holders which allows them to benefit from certain tax and accounting simplifications
  • According to current legislation, an SME employs fewer than 250 people and has an annual turnover that does not exceed €50 million or an annual balance sheet total that does not exceed €43 million.
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From day one, our approach has been clear and simple: create a high-impact collaborative culture, where extraordinarily talented people are encouraged to give their best. Are you ready to join our team?

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